Using wordle in the classroom

Using wordle in the classroom

I have used wordle in several different ways in the classroom.

I used it while students were watching a film or video clip as a way of students taking notes about the topic. After the video, then students wrote a summary using 10-15 of the terms.

These are the ways that wordle could be used as a tool in the classroom.
Another way to use wordle is as a review at the end of a lesson or unit. This can serve as a formative/summative assessment of student comprehension. It can be used on the smart board for a class review as well.

It could be a brainstorming tool or a way to gauge student prior knowledge of a topic.

Students could use as an introduction tool on the first day of school. Students could create and exchange as a form of introduction.

Wordles could be posted on classroom walls as a way to prompt students memory.

It could also be used for vocabulary. Each student is given a vocabulary word to create a wordle for and they could create a picture to accompany it. These could be posted on a word wall in class.


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